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Best Camping Water Filters Review

When camping or backpacking, water is something that you should always carry. Walking in the wilds doesn’t just require strength, you will also need water. What if you run out of drinking water? Will you drink directly from that river or stream?

Some say it is safe – but – if you can be safer, why risk it?

This makes a water filter important. A water filter or purifier is a treatment method. It works by making non-potable water potable and free from bacteria or virus. For the best camping water filter to use, here are our top four picks!

Best Camping Water Filters Review

Here are the top four best camping water filter based on our research.

Camco TastePURE Inline Water Filter

This Camco camping water filter comes with a KDF carbon filter. It is a powerful filter that prevents the growth of bacteria on the filter itself. Because of this filter, you won’t have to drink water with bad taste or odor. This KDF filter also removes fine sediments, chlorine, and bacteria among other unlikely things from non-potable water. A single filter can be used for the entire camping seasons.

A 100% American-made, this best camping water filter from Camco has a wide body for increased water flow. Its case is UV resistant and is highly durable. The design also allows it to be easily connected to a hose, so you can get water anywhere.


  • It uses a 20-micron sediment filter that removes bad taste, bad odor, and chlorine from your water
  • It is easy to set-up for RVs or boats and even at home
  • It lasts for a season (1-3 months)


  • During initial use, you can see black particles coming out of the hose. It is from the filter. Wait for the water to run clear before using it.

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles

For camping, hiking, and as part of your emergency preparedness pack, the LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles is a perfect choice to have clean and safe drinking water. This filter treatment can save you from possible salmonella infection when drinking from riverbeds or streams. It can also save you from E-coli and Giardia. In addition, this best camping water filter from LifeStraw removes chemicals from the water like zinc or chlorine.

This camping water filter works in two ways. First, the filter will remove bacteria and parasites. Secondly, it reduces chlorine to improve the water’s odor and taste. If there are herbicides or pesticides, the second stage will clear it too.

This best camping water filter from LifeStraw is available in one design, its blue BPA-free Titan bottle.


  • Easy to use
  • It comes with 2-stage filtration
  • It kills 99.9999% of life-threatening bacteria found in non-potable waters
  • It filters microplastics


  • Some users find it weird to be drinking from a straw especially after a tiring hike (though the straw is removable, and they are not aware of it)
  • Some users find it more expensive than its counterparts
  • Some users hate the blue bottle that comes with it

Sawyer Products PointOne Squeeze Water Filter System

This best camping water filter from Sawyer features a 0.1-micron absolute filtration. Partnered with its u-shaped hollow fiber microtube, you can now make that freshwater drinkable without fear.

The PointOne Squeeze Water Filter System from Sawyer is ahead against its counterparts because of its easy design. To set it up, you just have to connect its adapters to a bucket or a faucet. For personal hydration during camping or hiking, you can take advantage of its collapsible pouch. It is BPA free.

When used, your drinking water will be 99.999999$ free of bacteria and protozoa. Sawyer is also confident that this best camping water filter they have can remove 100% microplastics.


  • It is easy to use and set-up regardless of where you are
  • It comes with easy to follow installation, cleaning, and maintenance techniques
  • It can filter up to540 gallons a day
  • The BPA-free collapsible pouch that comes with it can be used as a hydration pouch


  • It takes time to fill the pouch with water because of its small opening

Camco 40019 Filter & Hose Protector TASTEPure Extra Large Inline Filters

For our 4th best camping water filter, we have the Camco 40019 Filter & Hose Protector TASTEPure Extra Large Inline Filters. This features a large body and a large filter for a minimum flow rate. You no longer have to wait to quench your thirst.

This Camco product is 100% USA-made and is CSA certified. It uses a Granular Activated Carbon to turn your fresh water into potable drinking water. It has a built-in filter that is made of a 20-micron sediment filter. With this kind of filter, you can expect your drinking water to be free of sediment. This filter also reduces bad odor and bad taste.


  • Features a DF Fluid Treatment for filtration (oxidation/reduction) to remove chemicals from a non-potable water
  • Easy to use, just attach to a standard hose in your home (the hose connector is flexible and can be bend)
  • It filters water chemicals like aluminum, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, mercury and lead


  • Most complaints are from customers who didn’t receive the flexible hose protector
  • Some customers experienced receiving a bad filter


With a number of options when it comes to finding the best camping water filter, you should at least devout a few hours when choosing one. Read some reviews, compare some products, and make a checklist.

A good water filter shouldn’t be too hard to use. You should look for one that can filter your fresh water immediately so you can use it. Filtering rate is something that most campers and backpackers forget. They don’t realize the importance of having clean and safe water instantly. In addition, if you are a solo traveler, the smaller Camco TastePURE Inline Water Filter might be good for you. If you are on camping with your family though, the TASTEPure Extra Large Inline Filters is your best choice.