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	PACKAGES:                                            1 Day         2 Day        3 Day
ICE-AXE & CRAMPONS                                    $18            $22           $ 6

ICE-AXE, CRAMPONS                                      $36            $44           $ 6

RANDONNEE PACKAGE                                   $45            $75           $20
CRAMPONS                                                     $12            $16           $ 4
ICE-AXE                                                          $ 8            $10           $ 4
BOOTS                                                            $18            $24           $ 4
SNOWSHOES                                                  $15            $25           $ 5
HELMET                                                          $ 6            $ 8             $ 2
SHOVEL                                                          $ 8            $10            $ 4
ADJUSTABLE POLES                                       $ 8            $10            $ 2
	LARGE                                                   $15            $20           $ 4
	MEDIUM                                                $12            $16           $ 4
SLEEPING BAG w/PAD                                                    $24           $ 8
SLEEPING PAD                                              $ 4             $ 8            $ 2
TENT($40 deposit required)                                           $48           $20
STOVE                                                            $ 6            $10           $ 2
GAITERS                                                        $ 6            $10           $ 2
GLOVES                                                          $ 6            $10           $ 2 

Shasta Base Camp Boating


Mt. Shasta is one of the untapped gems in northern California for recreation. The kayaking in this area has a great range of white water from class II to class V.

The premier drainage in this area is the mighty Sacramento River. While fun class II-IV+ lies on the Sac, Mt. Shasta’s classic class V lies on Slate Creek and Mears Creek, which are both tributaries of the Sacramento River. Both of these creeks contain epic scenery and classic rapids, from beautiful boulder gardens to clean waterfalls, for the experienced boater. The Box Canyon section of the Upper Sacramento is a great warm up for Slate and Mears Creek. With some of the most verticle walled gorges in the North State, Box Canyon, which lies 5 minutes outside of Mt. Shasta City, contains fun class III-IV and beautiful bedrock.(for more Box Canyon info see Base Camp Culture/Boating/local info). On your journeys through Northern Cali, be sure to stop and take advantage of Nature’s candy in Mt. Shasta where endless boating, climbing, mtn biking, hiking, backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, and many other activities await. Mt Shasta is a global hub for adventure, contact Shasta Base Camp regarding any travel needs while in the area.


Shasta Base Camp Biking

Like many outdoor sports in the area, Mt. Shasta is a Mecca for mountain biking. From the epic 14 miles of single track down from the old Ski Bowl through the Entertainer, filled with catwalks, boulder drops, and log jumps to the classic 18+ mile ride from the top of the Sisson Callahan right on Mt. Eddy. We have some of the best downhill on the West Coast with trails for all levels of riders. Mt. Shasta is a “diamond in the rough”.

For more information on Mt Shasta’s phenominal biking


Shasta Base Camp Backcountry


Mount Shasta has been claimed by Couloir Magazine as the quintessential Ski Mountaineering peak in the lower 48. Shasta Base Camp concurs, after all you can drive 15 minutes year round to the base of a fourteener, climb up Avalanche Gulch and It doesn’t matter if your up for 500′ or 10,000′ of vertical skiing there is a backcountry route for everyone! All levels of skiers and snowboarders. Our daily detailed avalanche forcast from the Forest Service, and friends at the Avalanche Center keeps the local backcountry enthusiasts inspired.

Mount Shasta, 14,162ft and access year round makes for great backcountry adventure from December to July and sometimes year round!

Current Conditions

Do to record low snowfall this year, there is not much good news on the Mountain to report. Check back with us next year for the best BETA in town. Pray For Snow 🙂

For more detailed information


Northern California Mountaineering Equipment Suppliers

Current Conditions

Do to record low snowfall this year, there is not much good news on the Mountain to report. Check back with us next year for the best BETA in town. Pray For Snow 🙂

For more detailed information

Sharpen Your Ice Axes!
Ice is already forming on Mt Shasta’s Hotlum Bolum and Whitney Glaciers
MultiPitch Ice Climbs on the Hotlum are ripe for the Pick’N!


Rock Climbing Equipment Suppliers Mountain Climbing Equipment Suppliers Mount Shasta Rock Climbing Equipment

Rock Climbing

The rock climbing in the Mount Shasta area is very diverse. We have a wide variety of rock locally and in the vicinity. From the adventurous trad routes of Castle Crags, Castle Lake and the Trinity Alps to the radical overhanging limestone of Cecilville and Shredding and the many other crags scattered around the area will satisfy any climbers desire!Shasta Base Camp is the spot where you can get the beta on local climbing as well as the climbing equipment you’ll need for your ascents. We are passionate about climbing here and our team members are the leading developers in the area. We are out there doing it so we can give you the info your looking for on any level beginner to expert. We’ve been there, RECENTLY!, so we know what’s good and what should be avoided. We are also proactive in anchor and bolt replacement, we know that rapelling off of a route can be the most dangerous part of your adventure. If you’ve been climbing in the area and come across questionable fixed hardware, bolts, anchors, fixed pins / pitons, etc… let us know and we’ll give the information to one of our team members.

Local Rock Climbing In Full Swing

Route Developement at Castle Crags is underway, Team Shastafari has been hard at work and leaving a trail of Crag’s testpieces in their wake! From “Apnea” in the Grotto 5.12d unrepeated, “Castle Corner” 5.12c on Castle Dome, to Marbelous 5.13a(r) in the Marble Gully. Many other fine routes in the 5.9-5.11 have been established as well, all with the usual Crag’s Spice! Summer Crag’n at the Crag’s is awesome and if your down to climb hard these new school shady gully crag’s may be for you.


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